Let's talk outdoor parties!

by Michelle Kovacevic July 03, 2019

Let's talk outdoor parties!

Anyone else feel like summer may never come? Well let’s plan ahead because when it does get here, and it will, BBQs will be hot, marshmallows will be roasting, our souls will be toasting, and wine will be had.

We want to touch base on the five most important things to have a successful outdoor party, a side from food and drinks.  Here are some ideas to help make life a little easier to enjoy time with friends and family outdoors.

  1. Are bugs getting into your drinks? Are you a spilly talker? Or a fidgeting child on your lap? My hand is up for all the above examples, and I know I’m not the only one. Try our all-time much-loved insulated wine cup. Comes with a lid to keep unwanted particles out and wanted beverages in. They stay cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12hours. We use these for all drinks, not just wine — option of stemless or with a stem as well as many colors to choose from.
  2. Having multiple people over and hard to keep track of who’s drink is who’s? Start by shopping for glass markers. There are many to choose from, humorous, classy and personal. Be sure to check out our favorites, the marker pens are good for all types of glass or plasticware, non-toxic and wipeable. And a fun cool way to keep the kid in us, and children busy personalizing their own drinks while you enjoy yours. Just don’t be the first to fall asleep with these out at fingers reach.
  3. I was hosting a much-needed moms night out (by night out I mean moms night in on the couch, sans enfant) a while back, made some great memories chatting with other moms making the most out of the couple uninterrupted hours we had. I went all out making this amazing Cheeseboard, the thing looked fantastic. At the end of the night I’m cleaning up and noticed no one touched 2 out of the 5 kinds of cheese I had out, and by no one, I mean not even a scratch of evidence of someone pretending to try the things. As I’m looking at it my husband to come up to indulge on my leftovers and says there’s nothing to cut the cheese with (no pun intended). Omg had I not noticed my self I would have brought out my cheese knives… duh! That being said, You’ll be sure to make everyone jealous with this next favorite of ours. Charcuterie boards are today's rave. And this one is made easy for everyone's convenience, with a cheese knife drawer build right into this nice big board, even the absent-minded hosts we all know and love, can't screw this one up.
  4. Last but not least, a perfect addition to the outdoor ambiance, making sure no one is left in the dark. The light of a bonfire in only good in one spot of the yard, these easy to use battery powered LED wine bottle lights can help guide the way to the Bar, house, or a path for those leaving the party.

Don’t let hosting the perfect outdoor party stress you out, you’ve got this and we’re just putting these ideas here to help make it easy, safe, and memorable for everyone, including you, to enjoy. It’s the memories that we take with us. And we promise Spring is coming sooner or later!

Cheers from your Wine Time Friends

Michelle Kovacevic
Michelle Kovacevic


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