About Us



Hi, My name is Michelle, and I am the person behind Wine Time Club.  Ever find a passion before really knowing anything about?  This was me. Out of high school, I enrolled myself in restaurant management, loved everything about it. The course I found myself most passionate about was Wine Appreciation. At this point, I had never tasted, let alone bought a bottle of wine. It was the art behind “the making of wine”, that caught my attention, and from then on I have continued to grow my wine knowledge and appreciation. However, when it came time to have a family the restaurant industry wasn’t ideal for me. As a wife of a traveling husband and mother of 2 beautiful daughters, I have been looking for a way to be a stay at home mom and share my wine passion with others. Well, this is it and while I enjoying the humor, challenge, and pride behind the making of these products, I don’t plan on stopping here. Pleases enjoy and join me on this journey of Wine Time Club.

I do our custom work at our shop in Belle River, ON and those will ship directly from there. So if you ever have any special needs, just let me know. I have done custom glasses, cups, and a variety of other items for weddings, get aways, or parties. Just let me know what you are thinking, and I will be happy to provide some ideas or suggestions.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me at sales@winetimeclub.com

Thanks for joining us